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The Point provides a complete setup for patients, including two individual lifts and a stair hall for easy access to the hospital floor.



The point sells well-known, high-quality items from brands such as SMEG, Samsung, Siemens, GROHE, and Italian fitted kitchens, among others. All apartments have utilities, Wi-fi, and TV connections

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The Point offers a variety of shops of various sizes on three different floors that cut across all segments from national to multinational brands, including electronics, lifestyle, home

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The point has two well-designed floors for offies to enhance the business environment. It insure that both national as well as multinational company are provided with separate entrances for offices and retail sectors

Floor Plans

Info and Architecture

Experience an unparalleled shopping experience at The Point Mall’s Lower Ground and Ground floors, featuring a wide range of national and multinational brand shops in varying sizes, from 140 sq. ft to 425 sq. ft. Discover a diverse selection of electronics, lifestyle products, home decor, and more, all under one roof. Shop in comfort and style, and enjoy the ultimate shopping experience at The Point Mall.

Area: 140 sq. ft – 425 sq. ft 

Category: Shops

The 2nd floor of The Point Mall is dedicated to providing exceptional healthcare services through state-of-the-art doctor’s cubicles. Our complete setup includes two individual lifts and a stair hall for easy access to the hospital floor, with a separate entrance for patients. Our doctor’s cubicles are available in varying sizes, ranging from 179 sq. ft to 802 sq. ft, ensuring comfort and privacy for both patients and doctors. Visit The Point Mall and experience the ultimate healthcare facilities in Rawalpindi.

Area: 179 sq. ft – 802 sq. ft 

Category: Doctor’s Cubicles

The 3rd and 4th floors of The Point Mall are dedicated to clinics, providing patients with a comprehensive range of medical services. With spacious waiting areas, fully equipped operation rooms, and dedicated doctors’ rooms, our clinics are designed to ensure maximum comfort and convenience for patients. The labor rooms are also available to provide specialized care for mothers and infants. Each clinic occupies an area ranging from 539 sq. ft to 999 sq. ft, providing ample space for medical professionals to deliver top-quality healthcare services. Whether you’re in need of general medical care or specialized treatments, you’ll find everything you need at The Point Mall’s state-of-the-art clinics.

Area: 539 sq. ft – 999 sq. ft 

Category: Clinics

The 5th floor of The Point Mall is dedicated to providing a professional and sophisticated environment for businesses to thrive. With office spaces ranging from 440 sq ft to 1015 sq ft, we cater to the needs of both national and multinational companies. Our well-designed floors feature separate entrances for offices and retail sectors, ensuring maximum privacy and convenience. With well-organized parking and elevators equipped with power backup, we guarantee uninterrupted business operations at all times. Experience the perfect work-life balance at The Point Mall’s executive offices.

Area: 440 sq. ft – 1015 sq. ft 

Category: Offices 

The 6th floor of The Point Mall offers luxurious apartments with first-class communal facilities, setting new standards for city center living. Our apartments come in one, two, or three-bedroom options and are equipped with utilities, Wi-Fi, and TV connections, all with no additional charges. Our apartments feature high-quality items from well-known brands such as SMEG, Samsung, Siemens, GROHE, and Italian-fitted kitchens, among others. With apartment sizes ranging from 457 sq ft to 1223 sq ft, The Point Mall caters to the varying needs and preferences of its residents. Experience the extravagance of our first-class communal amenities and elevate your living standards with The Point Mall.

Area: 457 sq. ft – 1223 sq. ft 


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